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Created on 2010-09-06 15:14:32 (#603184), last updated 2010-12-15 (353 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 25

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a good spanking, abstract sex, accurate spelling, aeon flux, aesthetics, algolagnia, amateur porn, ambidextrous, ambidextrous women, anais nin, asses, bare midriffs, bdsm, belt whippings, bliss, bondage, breasts, bruises, burning man, calligraphy, caning, cat o nine tails, cathexis, cheese, cirque de soleil, collars, compulsive communication, corsets, crops, cuddling, d/s, debauchery, decolletage, deep tissue massage, dexterity, dhyana, direct mystical experiences, dirty sex, discipline, dresden dolls, egon schiele, epicurean, epsom salt baths, erotica, ethical nonmonogamy, fetish art, fishnets, fisting, floggers, flogging, freaky girls, fucking, gags, geranium oil, girl watching, girls in uniform, girls with glasses, giving pain, gustav klimt, hair pulling, handcuffs, handwriting, hard spankings, hedonism, high production values, intersubjectivity, leaving marks, living toys, lolita, lust, making love, making out for hours, martinets, masochism, masochists, massage, masturbation, mercury streetlights, nipple clamps, nipples, nonsense, objectification, objectifying women, oral sex, orgasm control, orgasms, orgies, otk, oulipo, over the knee, over the knee spankings, oxytocin, paddles, pain, painsluts, people as objects, pervs, porn, quirts, ragdolls, rain, red asses, red bottoms, restraints, riding crops, rough sex, semantically nontrivial bdsm, sensitive hands, sex, sexual pain, sexual realism, shared showers, shaven women, shaving women, short skirts, showers, sleeping naked, smut, spanking, spankings, spreader bars, steampunk, stockings, strappings, surrealism, switches, tactile arousal, tea, the dresden dolls, the smell of ink, thigh high stockings, thigh highs, thigh-high stockings, thigh-highs, thunderstorms, topologically nontrivial sex, touch languages, transrealism, transrealist porn, typography, victoriana, violent porn, wax, weird chicks, welts, whipping, whippings, whips, whisky, women
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